Change lives with Herbalife

Herbalife is people, helping people

The Herbalife mission is changing people’s lives through better nutrition.

Through education and responsible lifestyle changes for over 30 years Herbalife has seen hundreds of thousands of people achieve their weight management and healthy nutrition goals. By becoming an Independent Herbalife Member, you can help others achieve this dream too.

You’re not left alone as you develop your Herbalife business. Every Independent Member has a personal Herbalife coach. You can ask them questions, seek product and business advice, and gain insights as you develop and grow your own business.

Give something back
Herbalife believes in community and that’s why Mark Hughes, our company founder, developed the Herbalife Family Foundation. Every year Independent Herbalife Members raise money to help teach children about the benefits of good nutrition. You can learn more about the good work done by Herbalife Family Foundation worldwide here. 

Please complete our contact form for more information about becoming a Independent Herbalife Member.

Herbalife is people, helping people
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